What Does the PH Gift Check Act of 2017 Means to Bloggers

What Does the PH Gift Check Act of 2017 Means to Bloggers

How many of you (and yes including YOU BLOGGERS AND FREELANCERS) are receiving gift checks, gift certificates, gift cards, vouchers, coupons (both electronic and non-electronic) from various PRs’ and company brands you’ve collaborated with?

Yup, including me and I admit there are many times it is f**king disappointing especially when I was given a gift check from this reputable spa center or salon, but I need to travel 2-hours to visit their place because that’s where the gift check is ONLY VALID.


Especially, when I’ve delivered what they have “requested” for a social media posts, and guess what?

This is their return of gesture… Clap! Clap!

Worst is, these happens from those “one-time, thank-you collaborations” I’ve got for the hopes of building a good relationship to those brands, but ended up NOT RECIPROCATED. It's OKAY I know we can't please everybody...

And when things get worst…

BOOM! The gift checks have an EXPIRATION DATE!

And getting worst, you have to spend it 2-months upon issuance of the gift checks.


I don’t understand how these PRs’ and brands can sleep with that kind of gestures, knowingly they have supposed to have proper budget and must paid their collaborators in a decent means…. $$$$

And I thought I have to endure these thoughts forever.

But finally, this will be OVER.

What Does the PH Gift Check Act of 2017 Means to Bloggers

When I saw this post on my Facebook newsfeed, I’m almost jumping with joy!

Because finally the Gift Check Act is now approved and now part of the Philippine Law.

BOOM, Bitches!

I’ve even managed to grabbed and read the signed new law, and I couldn’t help having that wide smile in my almost gloomy day.

What is PH’s Gift Check Act of 2017
The Republic Act 109621, also known as Gift Check Act of 2017 means that gift checks (gift certificates, gift cards, vouchers and coupons) shall be unlawful;

• Issuing gift checks that bears an expiry date;

• Imposing an expiry date on the stored value, credit, or balance of the gift check; or

• Refusing to honor the unused value, credit, or balance stored in the gift check.

Thus, any violators of this act shall be obligated to return the unused balance of the gift check within ninety (90) days from the declaration of the violation by the DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) and shall be subject to a fine of no less than five hundred thousand pesos (Php500,000) nor more than one million pesos (Php1,000,000).

See the link here for the published signed law. (link here)

And my perfect reaction is…..

What Does the PH Gift Check Act of 2017 Means to Bloggers

I know, I know…!

Because I’m also been to that same disappointing feeling each time I’ve got nearly expired gift certificates coming from these various PRs’ and brands, and yeah even dishonoring my gift checks because its already expired!

Damn, finally this is what I am waiting for.

Which reminds me of those many gift checks, all stored and some are still scattered, and I had to patiently sort them all out, which of those can I still use.

After all, those gift checks are not technically gifts or tokens. They are PAYMENT FOR JOBS I’VE RENDERED AND COMPLETED.

And yes, because of my awesomely good faith, I accept those gift checks because I am that nice.

There are only few brands I’ve worked with, which I received gift checks that doesn’t bear an expiry date.

What Does the PH Gift Check Act of 2017 Means to Bloggers

Just like this gift cards Penshoppe gave me in 2016 and after a year before I’ve managed to use it because I rarely visits their store, lol. BTW thank you Penshoppe!

And also from H&M, it took me two years before I used it!

And also UNIQLO Philippines, but all my gift certificates from them are spent immediately and staying with me for longer period because they have many branches near my places, and they also have awesome collections then.

What Does the PH Gift Check Act of 2017 Means to Bloggers

However, the most notorious gift certificates with expiration dates that I’ve received frequently are the gift certificates coming from spa brands with mostly only have a validity of up to 6-months!

Yeah that was awful, and they will let you drive to their farthest branch to avail that GC.


What Does the PH Gift Check Act of 2017 Means to Bloggers

This is what I’m telling you about! I’ve got these gift cards last October 2017, and see, these only have 3-months validity!

When I saw these again like a week before it expires, I felt disappointed realizing that it only have short-term validity. Luckily, there’s a nearest branch in my area, which I’ve got these goodies.

What Does the PH Gift Check Act of 2017 Means to Bloggers
Well at least I enjoyed shopping at their store. And yeah reviews coming up soon!

Where can I file a complaint about it?
For complaints about this violation, you may direct to DTI – Department of Trade and Industry.

I am so happy that the Gift Check Act is now a LAW

And I know that not only bloggers like me who are happy about it, of course including all the consumers. Somehow, this is quite a big deal for me because without this law, the issuing of gift checks with expiry date will not stop, and continuous to be abused.

So here’s my last message for those who are planning to give us gift certificates for the next gig..

What Does the PH Gift Check Act of 2017 Means to Bloggers

And here’s another TIP:

Why not put cash inside those hongbao (red envelopes) just like Chinese and Japanese people do.

Seriously, I would be pleased about it.

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