How to Become a Famous Influencer with PITU

Become a Famous Influencer with PITU
Do I look so pretty like a puppy?

Hello again and am here to share you another craze that spark last week.

In this crazy digital era, good presentation (and yeah including our appearance) do really matters. We followed many social media influencers / bloggers and vloggers that captures compelling stories, expertly edits their video and photos, and we are always at awe watching them.

But what if that influencer turns out to be an #influenzas or #fakeinfluencer?

The recent influencer scandal of this Singaporean “photographer” Daryl Aiden Yow make me question to what extend new breed of content creators will do to get such fame and cashing it.
If you haven’t read these influencer scandal, I’m gladly sharing you these links, here, here, here


Okay, after this fake influencer was busted, he deleted all his photos including those sponsored posts from various known brands such as Sony, OPPO, Uniqlo, etc. and deactivated his website portfolio.

And just retained his apology post… well that is a wise move though.

Many marketers and PR find this a wise move as well, as this let the influencer be honest to his apology, sucked it up, and hopefully rise decently when the time is right.

On the brighter side, Daryl Aiden Yow gained massive online coverage and free PR, and got his own Wikipedia page so the scandal isn’t 100% bad either.


So I was checking my website and also noticed a sparked of web traffic visitor from my previous PITU app review post, and saw many fans are sharing their own PITU enhanced photos. And I thought maybe it’s time for an update post about this app.

I am a user for this app for 3-years now. I’m using it for editing my photos since I’m a loser on using Adobe Photoshop, unlike Daryl Aiden Yow.

But unlike him – I didn’t Photoshop myself for my whole travel posts! I spend time, money, and lots of “arm exercise” to get many decent photos for my stories.

Do this morning, I tried to played my PITU app and explore its newest feature.

This post is our contribution for that #DarylAidenChallenge

For example, if I want to look like those early Chinese Empress and princesses like this:

Become a Famous Influencer with PITU

Now I have that awesomely gorgeous hair and make-up! Hahahaha Insta-beauty right?!

If I want to change my hair color, that is also possible with PITU. No more going to that expensive salon! (But on the side note, you will missed some juicy salon gossips, if you know what I mean).

With PITU app, you don’t need to rent Chinese traditional dresses, or hire MUA for your photos.

Become a Famous Influencer with PITU
I had so much fun this morning that I’ve capture many sets!

Become a Famous Influencer with PITU

Thanks for PITU app, now I have a decent graduation photo waaaaaayyyy more pretty and decent, than my actual graduation photo. Now I have a shiny hair as well!

But hey, don’t use PITU to fake your graduation photos ah! We will find out! hahahaahh

Become a Famous Influencer with PITU
I don’t need to buy many cosplayer costumes. Thanks to PITU, I can be a Lolita doll :D

Become a Famous Influencer with PITU
And another… gosh isn’t it amazing?!

Or if you want to be like your favorite travel bloggers, but have no money to travel, just download PITU and have these photos:

Become a Famous Influencer with PITU

You can go to Santorini, Paris, Venice and even Japan without sweat, and no spending at all!

See our video below:
If Daryl Aiden Yow introduced himself as a graphic creator than professional photographer, then we might be that kind of scandal.

Overall if you want to engage in the influencer marketing, always remember that the best currency is HONESTY.

Admit your flaws, never lie and learn your craft.

Disclaimer: This is #NotSponsored post. I love using PITU and sharing this story is equivalent to caring.

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