10 Blogging Lessons You Must Learn from The Intern

10 Lessons Bloggers Must Learn from The Intern

It was a great Sunday morning, and since I’ve already finished my domestic works I decided to spend some me-time – that is getting lazy, binging with some movie while enjoying my hot drink and some snacks. No intention for writing or editing post for today as I just want to “chillax” (a world play for “chill” and “relax”).

However, when I started playing this movie The Intern starring by Robert de Niro and Anne Hathaway, I suddenly realized that I could make a blog post about out of it. Am not good in writing movie reviews, never been my forte – but sometimes I used movies to guide me for my writings.

10 Lessons Bloggers Must Learn from The Intern

The story is about 70 year old retiree Ben Whittaker (played by Robert de Niro), who is looking for a purpose in life. He wants to do something and make him feel someone needs him, and eventually he was hired as a Senior Intern at the fashion e-commerce business founder by Jules Austin (played by Anne Hathaway). The movie was great and I’ve learned a lot – from the different new workplace culture, leadership roles and techniques, how they sees life, everything – and I just find myself grabbing my pen and journal, and started replaying the movie, to write down things.

As a blogger, I’ve learned and experienced many things in my blogging life. My work is not like my day job that starts at 9am and finishes at 6pm. Blogging is almost round the clock work life. And sometimes it doesn’t chose specific time – whenever you are inspired, even in the wee hours, I got to get up and start writing down (or scribble it down) before I forget those ideas and thoughts.

I’ve seen many movies that gives me that kind of life lessons and I’m glad that Robert de Niro and Anne Hathaway in The Intern makes an excellent effort on that area. If you haven’t watch it yet, oh please do.

But first, let me share you these ten (10) lessons bloggers but learn from The Intern.

10 Lessons Bloggers Must Learn from The Intern

1. If you are positive that you still have music in you, then why not?!

In blogging industry, we don’t mind whether you are soo young or soo old and many experiences. What matters is how you could inspire your readers with your writings and the things that you share on your blog. If you’ve been living the 20 years of your life as a corporate accountant, and you want a diversion in life, why not spend your weekend getaway to the nearest town, and share it your experiences and adventures online. Don’t be afraid because definitely, there are people who wants to read your posts.

10 Lessons Bloggers Must Learn from The Intern

2. Learn how the day-to-day business works to create a more informative and compelling stories.

Having to hands-on experience the actual scenario is different when you just reading those kind of experiences or event, and then you need to write about it. When I first wrote for my volunteering experience at DSWD last month, I’ve decided to apply for a volunteering job at DSWD and enjoyed my day helping the institution, and learned a lot on how they do the whole operation of packing these family-food packs round the clock, for the victims of Typhoon Nina, and the recently flooding at CDO. Having experienced it first-hand, I’ve got inspired to write it thoroughly with much feelings, which are relatable to my readers. 

10 Lessons Bloggers Must Learn from The Intern

3. Be patient. And if you don’t then go to the fast-food-chain or the nearest vending machine.

Not everything can be quickly get just for a snap. Unless you have a magic wand then you don’t need to read this blog post, right? Learn to be patient, because proper timing will give you a good jest in writing. You’ve just received an approval of your Google adsense? Then have patience, the ads doesn’t pops instantly. It will take a little time as reviews are still going on. Sit back, relax or just divert your attention to your next post.

10 Lessons Bloggers Must Learn from The Intern

4. Learn the “art of listening”

When interviewing someone, never ever butt-in (you are not literally a butt, so don’t do that!). It is very wise to let the other finish talking, before asking questions or even share your point-of-view (unless you are invited to do so).

10 Lessons Bloggers Must Learn from The Intern

5. Learn the “Art of Multitasking” like a QUEEN.

Sometimes we have to do it, like while you are recording a speech, you can send a live tweet to your readers about the launch, or send an IG of that gorgeous table setting. Or have a quick Snapchat video on how she applies those highlighter properly. But PS, don’t do it while driving or walking.

Or if you still can't, then bring your most reliable Instagram-husband, or your "assistant."

10 Lessons Bloggers Must Learn from The Intern

6. Have a habit of always be ready for your appointments and/or event to avoid cramming.

I’ve learned many things about not being ready and am telling you, it’s not good (in my opinion) and it gives you a not too good impressions. A day before your appointment, always prepare your blogging gears in your “on-the-go bag”. Check if you have enough memory spaces in your phones and cameras, make sure to charge your phones and have extra batteries with you (or bring that portable back-up battery with you!). Also don’t forget to bring your name cards/business cards with you, extra pen, and your journal for some notes. Have a habit of carrying minimal beauty finds that could easily pack in your bag.

10 Lessons Bloggers Must Learn from The Intern

7. Always be prompt to your appointment schedule. Being late is a mortal sin.

Yes and it applies even when you attend an event or during your sponsored post submission. If you can’t control the situation and you know that you’ll going to be late, have a habit of informing the other end (your host) of your situation, and not letting them wonder “where the hell are you?”. It’s a non-verbal mortal sin and don’t wonder if you’ll not get invited next time.

10 Lessons Bloggers Must Learn from The Intern

8. Dress to impress. Period.

Solution – always have a nice black dress packed in your bag, and also wear a little of make-up, for the ladies. For men, never ever wear your sweatshirts that you’ve always wear during your gym day, and no distress jeans. Always make your hair down. Men might not use to wearing BB creams or any kind of make-up, but make sure you always smells nice, in any situation.

No matter how cute and sometimes sexy is the “woke-up-like-this” look, still it’s not good when you are have an early appointment. We wouldn’t know who will you’ll going to meet, right? And we don’t want to be caught dead, wearing sloppy for a photo opp.

10 Lessons Bloggers Must Learn from The Intern

9. Don’t be afraid to explore possibilities. Baby steps!

We thought we’ve already a PRO in blogging, but it’s not! We need to constantly learn of the new techniques in blogging, studying the latest trends in writing the articles, and it’s a continuous process. Don’t be afraid that someday you can’t catch-up, every one of us does. Just like a baby, learn it step-by-step and if you need guidance, look for your new Mentor!

10 Lessons Bloggers Must Learn from The Intern

10. Always have fun and do not be a wallflower.

Another tips that some of you have forgot. No matter how much tiring blogging life is, and how much pressure you are in to finish the project on a tight time frame, always have fun. It will make your life more enjoyable, plus you’ll never know who you’ll going to meet. Maybe your next collaborator!

10 Lessons Bloggers Must Learn from The Intern

Have you watched The Intern? What are the life lessons you’ve got from the recent movies you’ve watched?

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